We made it! (and holy heck is it humid)

After 10-ish hours in a plane we landed in Osaka to begin the adventure in the Land of the Rising Sun.

The first thing we noticed, and by “noticed” I mean “got smacked in the face the second the plane door opened” is the humidity. We did not prepare for 700% humidity. While not AS bad as Cambodia, our choice of mostly cotton T-shirts in retrospect, seems like not such a hot (pun intended) idea.

We are staying in an Air B’n’B, which means you are on your own to find the place. So into the maelstrom that is Asian train centers we went. It is a site to behold with a sea of humanity swirling around, staring at multi-coloured lines on a map, pointing feverishly as if to invoke some sort of eureka! moment where the squiggles and names that all sound alike will somehow make sense. In our case it went something like this:

“There! Thats our station! Thats the name! We did it!”
“YES! Great job!” High fives and back slaps all around.
“Oh….theres another train system altogether? And Thats the one we want over there….okay lets go point at the other guys map for a while then”

Eventually we got on the right train and the the right station, then the right direction and finally walked to our room. Which, in this case, is not really an exaggeration. More on that later, we’re off to the Instant Ramen Museum!

As a bonus here’s a panorama from the patio

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